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Whether your vehicle just left the car lot or is several years old, there is always something you can do to restore or protect it. At Precision Auto Detailing, we offer a variety of services for all vehicles regardless of their condition. We pride ourselves in keeping new vehicles looking newer longer, and bringing those that have seen better days back to life. It's our job to keep your vehicle in tip top shape, so take a moment to check out our services below.

So what's our secret? Hard work and a keen attention to detail...literally. We specialize in automotive detailing services that stand out from the rest. From basic washes to ceramic coatings, we do it all!

Detailing Packages

At Precision Auto Detailing, we offer a variety of detailing packages that are sure to satisfy everyones needs. Our packages are devised into several tiers that focus on interior detailing and exterior detailing. We also offer paint correction services along with our 5 year ceramic coating. Take a moment to explore our auto detailing packages below. To reserve your spot, give us a call today at (337) 412-1478!

5-Year Ceramic Coating

Starting at $1,200

Our Ceramic Coating package includes protecting all painted surfaces of your car with our 5-Year ceramic coating! We also coat all windows, wheels, and trim with separate coatings designed specifically for those surfaces. Before we apply the coating, we prep the paint via paint correction to remove any imperfections in your clear coat such as scratches and swirls! This is a very laborious and tedious process which takes two full days to complete, but the results and protection are well worth the wait!

Paint Correction

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Paint Correction is the process of removing scratches and swirls in your cars paint work. Doing so will drastically change the appearance of your vehicle by adding tons of clarity and gloss.

Decontamination & Protection

2.5 Hours and up. Starting at $150

Following a foam bath wash, our Decontamination and Protection package starts with our two stage decontamination process including chemically treating your car with an iron remover and following that up with a clay bar! Once the paint is cleansed and dried, we top it with a wax/sealant of your choice!

Any engine bay detail is also included with this package!

Deep Interior Detail

2.5 Hours and up. - Starting at $150

This package includes carpet/cloth seat shampooing/extracting, deep leather cleaning/conditioning, followed by a nook and cranny detail of every other surface in your cars interior! Our goal here is to restore the interior of your car back to factory condition!

Maintenance Detail

1 Hour and up. Starting at $60

Our Maintenance Detail includes cleaning both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. We start with a thorough vacuum and wipe down of all interior surfaces followed by cleaning all of the interior glass! Next, we safely wash the entire exterior of your vehicle via a foam bath, cleaning all exterior surfaces including the wheels, tires, wheel wells and windows! This service is intended for vehicles that are cleaned regularly.


Never had your vehicle detailed? Not sure what to expect? Let Precision Auto Detailing be your guide. As experts in the industry, we're here to provide some guidelines and answer any questions you may have regarding our detailing services. Check out some frequently asked questions below. For more information, call us today at (337) 412-1478!

What is the benefit in having my vehicle detailed?
Having your vehicle detailed not only drastically changes its appearance, but it actually can increase your cars value. This is why many car dealerships invest in auto detailing services.

How long does it take to have my vehicle detailed?
That depends on the package you choose and the size and condition of your vehicle. In most cases, we have it all done in a few/several hours. Once we discuss what you have in mind, we'll be able to give you an accurate time frame.

Can you remove scratches?
Actually, yes, we can! Although paint perfection is nearly impossible, our paint correction services can remove 50-90% of light/medium scratches and swirls, depending on which package you choose.

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